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Turning Point Hustler (14 x 11") RH Propeller, 21431130 - Clauss Marine
Turning Point

Turning Point Hustler (14 x 11") RH Propeller, 21431130

SKU: 708-21431130

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Turning Point Propellers Hustler (14 x 11") RH Propeller, 21431130

How Does Turning Point Design Industry Leading Performance Props? When Turning Point designs a new prop for a given category, they identify the best performing OEM and Aftermarket stainless steel props in the market that fits into that category. A better aluminum & stainless-steel version is designed at the same time using the same geometry & drawing. Through testing, Turning Point’s engineers modify the design until it performs better than the best competitive Stainless-Steel prop.

Turning Point Hustler aluminum props function just like Express stainless-steel designs and run within 0.5MPH to 1MPH of each other most of the time. There are many reasons for this:
Hustler props are produced from the same stainless-steel geometry & drawing.
Hustler is cast using the latest state-of-the-art squeeze casting technologies.
The competition does NOT use stainless steel blade geometry with no blade flex squeeze cast technology in their aluminum propellers. Competitive Diecast aluminum propellers significantly underperform when compared to stainless steel designs seen in the market.

The Prop that put the “four” in Performance! Turning Point’s Four Blade Hustler revolutionized the aluminum propeller market when introduced. No one had ever produced a state-of-the-art Swept Cleaver design for 40150hp applications. These props rewrote the rules, proving that you can run a four blade that has unprecedented hole shot, handling, and rough water stability without the top end speed loss you experience with other manufacturers’ propellers. These Turning Point props also produced up to 46% more reverse thrust than other comparable designs in recent tests.

The Hustler 4 blade series is perfect for any application that demands enhanced acceleration, cornering, and load carrying capabilities. This prop series is ideally suited for watersports, sterndrive boats, tritoons, bay boats, and any vessel that can use stern lift. It is our best upgrade of older aluminum designs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and ’00’s, and will outrun most newer props, including five blade ski props.

Squeeze Cast for Added Strength:
Stainless steel performance is built into the Hustler Aluminum prop line. This is achieved through unique blade geometry and an exclusive Turning Point manufacturing process, Squeeze Casting. This process generates the highest mechanical properties attainable in a cast aluminum prop resulting from high density tighter grain structure. Stiffer blades mean less flex and a faster prop. Competitors' Aluminum propellers are manufactured utilizing old Diecast process that produces props with air bubble, voids, and granularity. Weak, lack of strength and stiffness. Difficult to repair. Blades Flex under load, inefficient, loss of propulsive efficiency.

Long Lasting Ultracoat™ Powder Coated Finish:
Exclusive to Turning Point, the Ultracoat powder coat rivals a fine automotive finish, and is more durable than paint. Utilizing a state-of-the-art five step process, Ultracoat gives the propeller a shiny, uniform appearance that enhances any boat's good looks. This is the Gold Standard in Aluminum Corrosion Protection. Prop looks Newer Longer! Compared to Competitors' 4 step Paint and Coating Processes that result in much less abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Large Free Flowing Exhaust Ports:
Turning Point's Propeller Housings have massive Exhaust flow pathways. Their Propellers have 40% more exhaust flow Area versus competitive product. More exhaust flow and less backpressure can generate more horsepower. Like headers for your boat.

  • Hustler® Aluminum Swept Cleaver 4 Blade Props for 40150hp Engines with 4.25" Gearcases.
  • 4 Blades That Rewrote the Rules. The props that put the “four” in Performance! These props rewrote the rules, proving that you can run a four blade that has:
    Unprecedented hole shot, lift, handling, ease of steering, and rough water stability.
    No top end speed loss you experience with other manufacturers’ 4 blade propellers – keeps 3 blade top end speed.
    Lifts the entire boat higher out of the water.
    By lifting the hull higher, boats tend to lose less speed when fully loaded versus a three-blade prop. With a lightly loaded boat, a three blade is usually the faster prop for most applications. Alternatively, when an application is loaded down with extra people and gear, a three bladed prop can lose up to 3 MPH. This is because the hull is forced deeper into the water causing more wetted surface by the added weight. By lifting the hull higher, the Turning Point 4 blade when fully loaded does not lose the top end speed compared to a three-blade propeller.
  • Stainless steel performance at aluminum prices.
  • 4 blade Swept Cleaver prop that has 3 blade top end speed with fast hole shot and unmatched handling.
  • Tuned exhaust vents improve hole shot and "Best in class" reversibility.
  • Squeeze casting adds strength that boosts performance.
  • Protected by five step powder coated finish.
  • Propellers fit Evinrude®, Honda®, Johnson®, Mariner®, Mercury®, MerCruiser®, Nissan®, OMC®, Parsun®, Suzuki®, Tohatsu®, & Yamaha® Outboards and Sterndrives.
  • Uses 500 series Installation/hub kits only.
  • See application chart for engine application information and required Installation/hub kit part numbers.


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