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The Fresh Water Generator: How to convert seawater to fresh water on a ship

If you are associated with boats and marine vessels, then you must have already heard about fresh water generators, haven't you? Well, a fresh water generator is one of the most important machineries of water vessels, and you simply cannot do without a fresh water generator. The main objective of these fresh water generators is to produce fresh water from saltwater. This water can be used for drinking, washing, cooking, and running other useful machinery present in the boat. 

 You can also make use of fresh water as a cooling medium. The fresh water is mostly produced using the evaporation method from seawater and heat. The fresh water can then be used for multiple purposes. Without a fresh water generator, you simply cannot go into the sea for a longer span of time. When we are at the sea, we have a huge supply of seawater around us. But from where do we get the available heat to evaporate the water? Well, the heat source is the main engine jacket water. 

 This water is used for cooling the engine components like the cylinder head. The temperature of this water is around 70 degrees Celsius. However, this temperature is not enough to evaporate the water. So, the atmospheric pressure of the water is reduced so that evaporation becomes possible. The atmospheric pressure can be reduced by creating a vacuum inside the chamber where the evaporation activity takes place. 

 Because of the low pressure, water starts to evaporate. The cold water is collected from the vacuum chamber and is transferred to the tank. These days, people are also making use of the reverse osmosis method in order to generate fresh water from seawater. This is mainly used when there are a lot of passengers on board the vessel, and a large amount of water is required on a regular basis. However, this method is more expensive and maintaining the reverse membrane comes with a lot of added cost. All this can be avoided in the evaporation method.

 How does the fresh water generator operate?

 The fresh water generator consists of a large cylindrical body which is divided into two different components. One of these components is used as the evaporator, while the other one is used as a condenser. The fresh water generator also contains an educator, which can create vacuum space for lowering down atmospheric pressure. The fresh water pump and the ejector pumps are mainly used for the transferring of water to and from the fresh water generator.

 So, if you are going out into the sea for a considerable duration of time, you must make it a point to use a fresh water generator. This is going to make it really easy for you to get a fresh supply of water at all times. You will not have to worry about your basic requirements like cooking, drinking, etc. Also, if you wish to get a new fresh water generator for your boat, you may visit our store.


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